Writing this Blog is a daily confrontation with my humanity because it’s like living on a reality show. Like everyone, I have my “mommy dearest moments” and they’re not to be confused with “Mom, you’re the best moments.” I also have moments when I’m feeling annoyed by strangers in public places. During any of these less than pleasant moments, I’d surely prefer not to have my expressions broadcast for all the world to see.

So, in a way, writing this blog is my new Reality Show. As I’ve mentioned before:  No. I don’t have it all mastered.  I write as a personal reminder to “Walk the talk.”

And it has been a fascinating process. While I’m often oblivious and unaware, I’ve have strangers take my picture, post it online and tag me. And, I’ve had other people introduce themselves to me on the street, in airports, on an airplane and even in public restrooms.

I share this because each of these greetings serves as a constant reminder of the fact that whatever I’m doing, however I’m responding, I might like to work extra hard at doing it in a way that I wouldn’t mind if it was broadcast.   

Try living your life like you’re exposed on a reality show. It’s quite a challenge! But in many ways, a great challenge to accept. 

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