If you feel that Life just keeps getting harder, that work is more demanding than ever, that family obligations are squeezing out any private time and that you just wish you could enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon…grab a copy of “Easier: 60 Ways to Make Your Life Work for You” by Chris Westfall (2022 John Wiley & Sons)

Written as a one-on-one coaching session, it’s easy to visualize yourself as the client.  Soon you’ll be seeing a whole variety of that life actually can be easier. We think @therealchriswestfall (FB) or @westfallonline (IG) actually offers more than the 60 easier ways promised!

With each page, Mr Westfall gently coaches the reader to see that we actually always have other options to develop new perspectives — even though sometimes life seems fixed, immovable and limited. 

Where so many books focus on the need to believe in ourselves, Westfall offers the reader a variety of alternative ideas.  He explains that it might actually be more effective to try to understand who we are intuitively, instead, because that is easier. Part of this is understanding that our identity is tied up in our thoughts, so by sharing ways to shift away from thinking and move towards creativity and our spontaneous natures, we find new answers…and greater ease within our lives.  

At no point does Westfall try to convince us that life will be easy.  Rather within his 60 “ways” he shows how we can approach living — including managing all of our day-to-day obligations with greater ease.  And that ease, comes from gently guiding each reader to recognize that quite likely you already possess what is necessary — all we need is a gentle series of mind-shifts to see just how much easier life can be.  Grab your copy of Easier