The dictionary defines “reaction” as: 1) an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event; 2) a person’s ability to respond physically and mentally to external stimuli; 3) an adverse physiological response to a substance that has been breathed in, ingested or touched.

Overall in daily life, I’d define most of my reactions as mental “re-actions” (read that kind of like a mental repeat). Somehow, when I react to people or circumstances, I realize I have mentally stepped out of the present. I have moved into my immense head-case filing system (yes, pun intended) and I’ve pulled out some old files. In nanoseconds, the result is that I am trying to connect unrelated memories or feelings about a past moment to the present situation. So instead of staying present and assessing the current circumstance or person, in my mind I am “re-acting” some other moment and trying to tie it to the present one. I’m in a state of “re-call” and response.

Since this current moment has never happened to any of us before, whether alone or with others, unless it is one where we are in danger (which is rarely the case), we don’t want to be “re-acting.” We want to be wholly present to the individual and moment at hand. 

Not “re-acting” is the only way we can really see and try to understand another person or live fully.

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