Did you know that a nonsexual hug can shift negative emotions into a positive direction—and the stress mitigating effects are comparable for both men and women? Research by Carnegie Mellon University studied 400 adults and determined that getting a hug on the day of a conflict resulted in a smaller drop in positive emotions and a smaller rise in negative emotions. (You might have to read that twice! It’s a tricky sentence!)

This study confirmed past research demonstrating that hugs and a warm touch help improve close relationships, because they increase one’s sense of security and well-being while reducing the perception of threats.

Hugging has been proven to reduce the likelihood of catching a cold (yes, really!); to naturally increase oxytocin, the body’s feel-good chemical; and, to transcend feelings of anger, anguish and loss.

Give kind, sincere hugs whenever you can. And when you can’t? Pick up the phone and tell someone you’re thinking about them, and that you miss and love them. It’s the next best thing.

This photo was shot during #adaydowntown in the #FinancialDistrict in #downtownnyc where – Yes – you really can find pay phones along with so much more to explore! 

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