When we’re having a good day, we often want everyone to be in the same mood we’re in. Often, in day-to-day interactions, it bums us out when we’re feeling cheery and others around us are moping about whatever. Sometimes it even makes us feel angry. We want everyone to be in the same mood we’re in at the exact same time with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Admittedly, if we are honest, we might be chagrined to notice that such thinking is a bit selfish.

Perhaps we can practice understanding that just because we’re having a good moment, this does not mean that those around us are feeling the same way. They may be struggling or frustrated with something we’re completely unaware of. In fact, our energetic exuberance may be adding to their bad mood. 

Accepting these moments is essential to maintaining any long-term relationship. If we don’t adversely act on or put up a wall to the sudden resistance we feel when another is not on our same mood elevation, we can still be happy. 

When others are ready, they’ll join our moment—which may have shifted in its mood as well because this is life.

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