The idea of a race car triggers all kinds of excitement. Did you know that “Race Car” is spelled the same way whether it’s going forwards or backwards*? With this in mind, what if we talked about aging using auto racing terminology? Like there could be the ‘200 MPH Club’ for those who’ve broken records driving a specified distance at 200 mph +. Getting a “bye” which allows us to advance to the next stage or heat of an event without competing (‘cause we’re so dang experienced and good.) Our ‘E.T.’ or the elapsed time its taken us thus far from our start to now. That we celebrate ‘Flag-to-flag coverage’ recognizing our entire race and not just the packaged highlights. We’d enjoy ‘Laps of honor’ or ‘Victory laps’ which are non-competitive laps taken before or after races to celebrate a driver’s win or history of successes. We could say we’re looking at ‘Photo finishes’ whereby we’re all doing so great you’d need a photograph to determine finishing order as to where we’re all lined up crossing the line. We’d respect ‘horsepower’ or our total power output and our ‘torque’ or the superior turning ability of our engines. We’re already ‘Pre-qualified’ due to our lifelong experience with all kinds of challenging and hazardous situations along the road. Check-ups are merely ‘Pit Stops’ necessary to keep us racing at optimum speed. We’ve earned the ‘Pole position’ or our spot on the grid closest to the starting line, reserved for those who’ve had the best times. We’d be recognized for our ability to ‘Short shift’ or regain control at high speeds around unforeseen corners in life. Heck, if we could even add humor to the age conversation, ‘Awful Awful’ is hot rod slang for a drag racer! Personally, at this stage of life, I believe I haven’t come close to hitting my full acceleration…how about you?

*I thank my dear friend Lisa from @TransformativeMovement for pointing this out in a recent discussion.

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