Sooner or later we all quote our Mothers. Growing up, my Mother embroidered the phrase “Know Thyself,” and hung it over the entryway to our home so it was impossible to enter or leave without seeing it. Some days I read those words and they were irrelevant to me. Sometimes it was as if they were an encrypted message that I couldn’t comprehend no matter how I pondered their meaning.  Then there were days those words really annoyed me— usually after I complained to my mother  about something or someone that wasn’t ceding to my wants and demands. Some days I wanted to smash that picture because I was so tired of thinking about the substance of those words. Regardless, of what I wasn’t happy about in life as a teenager and into my early thirties— gently, consistently and unwaveringly my Mother would remind me: Know Thyself. One day, I realized that my Mother summed up the essence of happiness as she gave us that priceless advice. Know thyself. That simple. That hard. That’s it. Know thyself. Now I torture my children with the same phrase. What’s your favorite “Mom-ism”?   Copyright SilverDisobedience  2022