I often wonder about two communication strategies that people employ.  One, is to not ask the question if you don’t want to know the answer.  The other? Do what you want to do and ask for forgiveness later.

Over the years, I’ve watched how each tactic has been utilized by people, both consciously with intention and unconsciously, in both personal and work situations, (as well as by larger governments and World forces.)

Either approach can be very effective. Other times, I’ve seen quite disastrous results— but fortunately for me, they’ve been instrumental in keeping myself and my Company employed in our work as a crisis management advisors.  Too often, when either strategy is used without much thought, the result is equivalent to an ostrich putting its head in the sand, oblivious (or maybe ignoring since I’m not an expert on the brain machinations of ostriches?) of the obvious fact that there’s still a huge fluffy body remaining easily visible to any adversarial attacker. 

In situations in your life, that may involve making unpopular decisions or choices, it’s worthwhile to ask yourself:  Is it better to not ask questions so you won’t know the answers from others which may be facts or opinions…or is it better to ask and own the responsibility of knowing all variables before making your move?   AND, Is it better to seek tons of opinions before choosing to act…or maybe risk doing something that may not be well-received by others for any number of reasons, because you have decided to trust your gut and do it without seeking permission first…while not really worried about your ability to deal with the consequences?  

Just a few deep things I’m pondering today…

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