Historians are divided as to whether Socrates was smart or not. Some even believe he might not have existed at all — that he was merely a figment of fellow philosopher Plato’s imagination. Why the confusion? Any number of reasons are possible including record keeping since if he did exist it was estimated to be 400 years before Julius Caesar put the Julian calendar of 365 days a year in place, which ultimately became the Gregorian calendar, that backtracked a bit in time to begin recording time coinciding with the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. But the primary reason Socrates brilliance was debated is that he never claimed to know the answers: Instead he was really good at asking the right questions.  Problem was, by taking this approach, he made many of the so-called wise guys at the time feel or look less-than-wise. So ultimately those in charge made him drink hemlock as a punishment —which marked his last day.

Socrates was found guilty of corrupting young minds. Why? Instead of pushing his ideas upon everyone and battling opinions, Socrates was open to learning why people believed what they believed by asking question after question. He didn’t share his opinions. Instead his goal was to determine both the underlying beliefs and knowledge of others by asking question after question to each answer declared. He is chronicled as really upsetting people because he never stated his opinion. Instead he asked and asked again. Clearly he was a stellar listener.  

I’d have really liked to have met Socrates. He is said to have said, “I know that I know nothing.”  The older I get, I find I feel the same way. I don’t think I have any answers…but I sure have questions. 

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