Greater satisfaction in life, comes as we figure out what we’re good at & like to do. It doesn’t matter how old we are when we come to this realization. It’s worth pursuing our own magic at any age until we find it. We cannot assume sooner might’ve been better or our time has passed: What’s important is that we reach our realizations before we die so that we can start doing more of what we love because all we’ve got is the moment.

Only because many ask, here’s some insight about me. My talents lie in my ability to interpret, verbalize, visualize & relay messages. It has resulted from a continual study of process, trends & human emotion as they relate to messages heard, seen or felt. For 30+ years, this has kept me employed because, long story short, by understanding motivation & response, I help individuals & companies improve communication in their respective desired relationships.

The systems, actions, people & steps intertwined in mobilizing forces, along with the inevitable emotional catalysts that lead to the actualization or materialization of anything – fire up my brain. Although the end accomplishment or product is often what becomes the “known” — it’s the steps to that finish line that capture my awe & attention.

The subtext hidden in the “behind the scene” body language captured in mental images taken when no one is posing; the frown or subtle smile during a moment of thought; the “blush” on a face during a moment of recollection; posture; hands as they move over the face, hips or hair: Each adds more colorful depth than words. Delving deeper into the “who, what, when, where, why & how,” along with the emotions tied to situations or decisions —shares vital information. Throughout my life, by honing my skills at this, I’ve been able to suggest new pathways that result in positive changes.

Questioning, listening & actively observing; gathering thoughts, phrases & body language. Putting all of the information into my internal computer that is constantly running a variety of programs developed via daily self-education & innate intuition enhanced through years of meditation. I process an assessment & ask for permission to offer it back as advice, improved messaging, a solution or a productive course of action. Years of this progressive observational approach to assessing a myriad of verbal and physical actions combine in force. They make me who I am and reflect my business success today. This scope of knowledge & understanding is what I try to bring to this blog daily. Thank you for allowing me to do this and for joining me.

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