Doing something that pumps up your volume is vital to healthy, energized living. The first time I noticeably observed the effects of pumping up energy boosting was years ago when a girlfriend and I committed to taking a flamenco dance class. Every Monday night we showed up in our new dancing shoes. Neither of us were good (in fact that’s an understatement…) but we went, tried, learned, moved, loved it & laughed. To this day we still burst into laughter as we think of the male teacher, who was about 65 wearing a pirate shirt unbuttoned to his navel, telling us to raise our right arm, stepping forward with our left while pushing out our chests with attitude. Usually we had the arms wrong, but the mere act of being told to jut out our breasts was hilarious, harmless and invigorating.

Too often we don’t take the time to pump up our energy. We all know the reasons: I can’t dance, can’t play, no time, too busy, tired, didn’t work the last time I tried, afraid, don’t know anybody, don’t want to do it alone. Think of each of these as excuses you’re making for not wanting to have fun. Why would you not want to make sure you laughed and got more energy? Why would anyone who loves you not want you to do this?

Pump up activities can take many forms—whether you are already accomplished in the underlying skills or not. Dancing, playing music, jamming with others, painting, mixing, sketching, hammering, molding, photography, fitness, singing, bending, folding, planting, stretching…

The goal is to choose something that will get your blood flowing because it’s ‘you-time’ that makes you feel alive and energized. Taking the time to pump up our volume is what gives us the energy we need to help us through the rest of day-to-day living…also known as normal life.

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