Restaurant workers have had to adapt almost more than anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. From changing their entire business models so they can offer take-out instead of indoor dining, limiting capacity, and building outdoor seating, there have been many ways in which the industry has had to innovate in order to protect their staff and guests. Fortunately, many have succeeded in finding creative ways to allow for a pleasant experience that adheres to local rules and regulations.  Here are some tips for how to ensure a positive environment for guests and staff.

Use Hand Sanitizers with Moisturizers

Hand sanitizers are important for killing germs on contact; however, they can really do a number on the skin when used frequently. Excessive hand washing combined with the highly concentrated alcohol in hand sanitizer can lead to severely dry, cracked, and even bleeding hands. Restaurant workers can protect their hands by finding a hand sanitizer with aloe vera or other moisturizers like Vitamin E in the ingredients. Using a quality hand cream at night to restore lost moisture can help too.

Try a Face Shield

Waiting tables or preparing food while wearing a cloth mask can make it difficult to communicate with guests. Factor in a noisy restaurant and outdoor noises, and customers may not only struggle to hear their servers (and vice versa), they also can’t see them smile as they are greeted. A traditional face mask also doesn’t protect the eyes, which have open membranes that can easily absorb germs from a cough or a sneeze. The TrueHero™ Extreme Coverage face shield cantake care of all of these issues. TrueHero™ face shields are clear and lightweight, making them much more comfortable than face masks. Most importantly, the entire face, eyes included, are protected from germs. Muffling is much less than with a cloth mask, allowing for better communication so tickets are accurate, and food isn’t sent back due to errors. And, without the tight cloth covering, restaurant workers can breathe easy knowing they have the best protection.

Strengthen the Immune System

People with healthy immune systems are able to fight off viruses quicker and with less symptoms. There are many ways to support a healthy immune system. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which are full of important vitamins and minerals. Get enough sleep—at least eight hours a night is usually best. Exercise most days if your doctor allows. Experts say 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is a good goal for most people. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. All of these practices may help build immunity and give restaurant workers a little extra armor as they get back to work.

Restaurant workers are on the front lines, bringing delicious food and a bit of normalcy to eager diners who love to enjoy a meal cooked outside the home. With following a few extra precautions, a pleasant experience can be had by all.

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