Just about everyone can name a teacher that has inspired them in ways that had a profound impact on the rest of their lives. Some people may fondly remember being exposed to a new genre of literature, or understanding how cells in the body work, or finally unlocking the secrets to solving complicated math problems. Some people may remember their teachers as someone that they could confide in, who understood any personal challenges they were facing, and could give neutral support outside of the home.

Great teachers walk into their schools and their classrooms every day with loads of patience, energy, responsibility, fun and – perhaps most importantly – smiles. Whether children are in Pre-K or Grade 12, the goal of teaching is not just to enable students to pass exams, but to encourage them to develop and grow to be confident problem solvers that share responsibility and love.

And as much as students cheer and tend to run wild on their last days of school, knowing a summer with no homework is around the corner, many students were quite disrupted in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic which dramatically altered their daily routines. Even though school children are the most tech-savvy, seeing their teachers on a video chat from their homes does not provide the same environment as interacting in person amongst their peers. Therefore, it has been the goal of many municipalities all across the country to open up schools as quickly as possible. Of course, safety is a priority to protect teachers and students alike.

Many school boards, parent-teacher organizations/associations (PTOs/PTAs) and public school systems are considering making it a requirement to ensure that germs are not spread through coughing and sneezing. Cloth masks are an option, but in a school setting, seeing a teacher’s or a student’s facial expression is critical for the learning environment. Another choice is the TrueHero™ Extreme Coverage Face Shield that can offer many advantages, including being completely transparent so that smiles can shine through.

Made in the USA in Brocton, New York and Brownville, Texas, the TrueHero™ Face Shield, is extremely lightweight so that it can be worn all day. It is easily adjustable with its hook-and-loop strap that can ensure a secure fit. And, it can be reused and easily and properly sanitized.

Designed originally for those that were tasked with saving peoples’ lives, TrueHero™ is appropriate, too, for those that are molding lives and future generations.  As Jamestown Plastics, the company behind TrueHero™ says, these face shields provide “extraordinary protection for extraordinary people.”   (SP)