Just for kicks…here are a few Latin & NYC Phrases worth knowing.  As you read, see if you notice where Latin ends and New Yawk begins.

Dum spiro spero. While I breathe, I hope.

Ad astra per aspera.  To the stars through difficulties.

Experiential docet. Experience teaches.

In libras libertas. In books, freedom.

Nullus est liber tam malus ut non alliqua party prosit.  There is not book so bad that it is not profitable in some part.

Getchu.  Get yourself (something)

Ab-bow-da.   About to (as in about to do something)

Extra.   Over the top dramatic.

Fire fit.  Cool outfit. 

Snatched. Means either: 1) Looking very fashionable or 2) an insult if you lost an argument

Wig.  Totally amazing as it “I lost my wig it was so cool.”

Big Yikes.   When one “yikes” just isn’t enough.

Bet.  We shall see.

Totally lit.  Something amazing and cool. 

Lowkey.  As in like a secret desire… “I lowkey really like ….”

Salty.  Used when someone is being annoying or making a big deal about a minor event.

And… my fav… To slay…or really do well and totally rock something.

Just for fun, try throwing some of these into a conversation. The reactions can be priceless!

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