Are you proud of who you are or do you restrain your fabulosity? Do you worry that if you allowed yourself to shine, have fun and be your-self that maybe others would think you’re being…something you wouldn’t want to be perceived as being? Are you afraid that if you spoke up, and risked sharing your “self” that others might not welcome you as you hoped?  Are you holding back because you’re worried about being ridiculed? Thinking that releasing all that is “you” might be egotistical? Upset the status quo? Change relationships? 

All that might happen. 

All that might not happen.

BUT for sure what will happen is that your awesomeness will be noticed. Some may appreciate it. Others maybe not. 

Still, none of that is your business. 

Your responsibility is to share with the world the unique, one-of-a-kind, special you that you are. YOU are a one-time-event. 

See what happens. Roll the dice of life. I can give you a promise: Nothing will ever be the same…and that goes for whether you try this or not. SO: What do you have to lose? Nothing! And, you may even reap benefits in ways you never imagined.

Remember: You’re different and that’s super!

PS: This fun candid captured a wonderful NYC moment! While walking on the street, Gordana and I met these guys who had just arrived from Texas and were looking for the RuPaul drag event at the Jacob Javits Center. We chatted it up a bit!

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