When we have exhausted all possibilities in an attempt to solve a problem or accomplish a goal, we need to remember this: We haven’t.

No matter what we think, until time’s up, possibility exists.

Possibility is everywhere. It surrounds us. Not always out in the open…but hidden in places like a subtle knowing smile during a conversation; through observations of our surroundings; within the pages of books; in documentaries…Possibility is everywhere! (And yes, I just said that twice because it’s worth repeating and I may even say it again!)

While our physical being may curtail some of our possibilities, a strong will and determined mind can create endless other opportunities.

If there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, as you percolate your ideas, hone your skills of observation. All the help and tools we need are often within arms reach, if we carefully think about where we need to look. Start reading, everything and anything related to your goal. Make it a topic of conversation with others, asking what and who they know who may advance your goals. Make your lists and start checking off your actions so you’re prepared when possibility actualizes into opportunity.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, while you may not be 100% sure on how to make it happen— keep your eyes and ears open.  And in the meantime, I hear the World is in dire need of more Possibilitarians.  I got one of those jobs… and I bet you can, too!

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