I remember when I was younger, I would watch my mother while she put on her makeup and set her hair. Every day, no matter what she had been doing to care for her five children, our home and yard, at 5pm like clockwork, she would get herself all dolled up for our father’s arrival back home from work. 

One day, as she was preparing to be her most beautiful self to greet her husband, I asked her: “What are all those holes on your face?” Her skin didn’t look like my 10-year-old skin. 

I’ll never forget her expression as she looked at me and said: “Pores: It happens.” I’ll also likely never forget the shame I felt for maybe making her feel less beautiful for even a second. 

If we live long enough, we will all get larger pores as our bodies strive to grasp as much oxygen as possible, aiding our lungs, to keep us alive and well. A lot of other things will change physically as well. Aging happens…if we’re lucky. 

Today when I look in the mirror or at a photo, I see my Mother. I think that makes me pretty lucky! Here’s my Mom at almost 91 — with her awesome husband.

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