It isn’t always easy to relax.  I write a lot about meditating and relaxing because I’m a firm believer in its benefits and the fact that we’d all be better off in every sense if we practiced taking relaxation breaks without guilt.

I mention guilt because in my experience, guilt is often at the root of why we won’t just stop, close our eyes, remove ourselves and breathe. We feel like we have to do, do, do to earn or maintain our worth.  Interestingly, this is quite contradictory to the fact that by the very act of stopping and breathing, we actually become far more in touch with our abilities to cope, do, and succeed. Even better, somehow stopping to breathe can help anyone and everyone to do less, yet accomplish more.

Understanding the feelings of guilt that far too often accompany self-care, I suggest giving yourself affirmative permission. Test out saying to yourself:  “Please relax now. It’s time to relax.” The statement is polite, gentle yet positively commanding.  

Take one minute to watch this video, give yourself permission to please relax now — no matter what time it is or wherever your are — and let me know how your feel. 

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