Six months after selling my investor relations business in 2012, I opened yet another public relations business. I missed my co-workers, the daily intense business dynamics of crisis communications & messaging. Mostly what I realized was this: I missed playing “The Game.”

So often I hear people talk about how they want to be rich. The internet is filled with “wealth-fies” —images of people apparently living the high life because they’re doing better than everyone else — and they’re often trying to tell you how they can make you rich, too, if you follow their plan.

Here’s what I’ve learned from being self-employed for basically my entire life, while becoming wealthy in the process: It was never about the money. It was always about being in “The Game” and feeling like I was finding new ways to win each day.

When I speak with others in business, most express the same thing. Each day we wake up and try to challenge ourselves and yesterday’s status quo. And when we do that, we grow and so do our successes. Not always in a straight line: Ups, downs and all arounds go into the mix of playing The Game. And even though there are plenty of days that are quite draining, frustrating and have made me cry? Playing The Game has forced my brain to think & challenge myself in priceless ways that have made me better, kinder, smarter & wiser.

If you want greater success? Stop trying to figure out how to make money. Start figuring out how you can provide value and worth that people respect, need & want. This is what makes you a player in The Game. Suddenly things start coming together. People want you on their team. Work? I’m not sure I ever worked a day in my life. But I’ve gotten up and played an intense Game of Life since I was 11 years old and ran my first ad in the local PennySaver for my babysitting business.

The Game accepts players of all ages. Winning? That’s determined by your commitment to your own set of rules. Go have fun! Get playing!

The Game of Life Accepts Players of All Ages

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