Scientists know the mind has immense power to trigger healing & recovery. While research may not be able to explain the whys & hows, the impact that faith & spiritual beliefs have on healing cannot be denied. Anyone who’s ever been involved with a clinical trial for a new drug knows that belief can impact the success or failure of the trial. Here’s why.

Placebos are inactive drugs with no therapeutic benefit. Depending upon the illness being researched, placebos are usually administered in lieu of the drug being studied or in combination with another drug for more serious illnesses. The power of the mind & spirit is demonstrated by what is known as the “placebo effect” or a physical benefit that may occur & cannot be attributed to the treatment itself. Placebos have been investigated for years. A 1955 AMA article reported that during WW II when morphine was unavailable, soldiers who received a salt-water solution for their pain still experienced pain relief. Ample research confirms the placebo effect impacting antidepressant & other psychiatric illness clinical trials & pretty much every other type of drug trial that I can recall.

I share this because occasionally random comments to my posts question my beliefs, imply that I need a reality check & tell me to stop being so rosy.

I’ve studied spirituality, religion, nutrition & hypnosis for 30 years because of my personal interests. Professionally for the past 25 years, I’ve analyzed data from pharmaceutical & biotech clinical trials. My beliefs & science are now merged, because when trial data misses the endpoint— it’s often due to placebo effect…or nocebo effect, which is imagined negative responses from a non-therapetic placebo.

So here’s why I write my sunshiny posts: I always want my mind thinking about health & well being. Our powerful minds will go in the direction of what we focus on—whether good or bad. #SilverDisobedience is a place for positive thinking with a strong dose of direction to keep our ideas real & actionable. Thanks for joining me! This journey is far better with your fantastic company!

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