Life in many ways is one big perseverance test. Starting with walking…and for many ending with walking difficulties. In the middle, we face off against life, going up against whatever comes our way as we try again & again with hopes of improving our lives for the better. Defined as a steady persistence in a course of action, in spite of difficulty, obstacles or discouragement, our strength shines when with tenacity & purpose we commit to persevering vs. quitting.

While not always easy, surmounting whatever challenges we undertake or are confronted with throughout our lives, builds our sense of self-esteem. Self-esteem does not come from others. It comes from within our hearts, from knowing we persevered, giving our best whenever necessary.

If we look around, inspiring examples of perseverance can be found everywhere — by people of all ages. A trip to a skateboard park, for either a  skater or observer, is a continual lesson in determination as each skater knows they are going to fall and it’s going to hurt big time. Some days, if you look at my son’s body —  @steel_mcadam the skater airborne on a rail in this photo (please cheer & follow him for great inspiration!) — you’d think we beat him because he’s got so many cuts and bruises. While I could wish he preferred ping pong — he loves skateboarding…and he doesn’t quit: He studies the physics of each trick, memorizing the moves and practices every chance he gets.

So the thought for today? Go after whatever is important to you: Expect to stumble as you try & maybe even crash. Get back up. Don’t linger on yesterday, because whatever you did then is already old news. Today’s a new day to get out there, persevere and move yourself one step closer to whatever you want to be doing differently. Your future starts now.

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