Following any sporting, corporate event or even a dinner party — wise players do a strategic review of their performance. The goal is to look at what could have been done better and also what was done right and needs to be further amplified next time.

My point is this: Proper reviews of past events give just as much credit to the good things we did while assessing the not-so-good.  Then, going forward, the idea is to add more of those good moves.

Too often, when people reflect on themselves, situations, parenting, work and so many of the other aspects of life, they focus in and linger on the wrong moves that were made and often overlook the many right ones.

Fact is, you’re here today. And today will bring all kinds of moments where decisions of every shape and size will be required. From looking both ways before entering an intersection and more.  Give yourself some serious credit for all the lessons accrued from all the games you’ve had to play in the past. Spend some time determining which ones have helped you move your game forward in the post positive way. Then, bring more of that prowess to your day.  Just go do it!

PS: Note how distorted the bars and everything looks in this image. That’s because what you’re seeing is an image of reflections. Just a little something else to consider when you think about how you review situations…and how those reflections might be a little distorted. 😉

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