In trying to understand people or life, it helps to study pendulums.

Pendulums consist of a weight attached to a string or rod that swings freely. Displaced from its resting position and released, a pendulum oscillates back and forth in a regular pattern. The motion is characterized by its length, mass & the angle of its swing. These factors influence the time it takes for the pendulum to complete one full swing and the number of swings per unit of time.

Similar to how a pendulum swings back and forth, people often experience oscillations in their emotions. Our moods and feelings fluctuate between positive & negative, joy & sadness, excitement & boredom. These emotional swings can be influenced by factors like events, relationships, or personal circumstances.

A pendulum seeks a balanced position at its resting point. Similarly, we strive for a sense of balance & stability in our lives — seeking equilibrium between work & personal life, between responsibilities & interests, and between our physical & mental well-being.

A pendulum’s motion relies on the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa. Similarly, people have their own reserves of energy & momentum that can be harnessed & utilized. We experience periods of high energy & productivity, followed by moments of rest & rejuvenation.

A pendulum’s motion can be affected by external forces such as air resistance or friction. Similarly, people can be influenced by external factors like societal norms, cultural expectations, peer pressure, or the influence of others. These external forces can shape our behavior, choices & beliefs.

While pendulums follow predictable physical laws, human behavior is far more complex and influenced by consciousness, free will & individuality. People have the ability to make decisions, adapt & change their trajectories in ways that pendulums cannot. And, with that, I’m reminded that like a pendulum swings between extremes — it is the extremes that inform all in the middle. It’s up to us to decipher the information for ourselves.

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience