Have you ever seen a raw gem? Rough on the outside. Managing to keep itself tucked deep in the Earth and rubble, hidden from the untrained eye. Looking mostly like average pebbles, unrelated to their polished siblings. Yet, within all their ordinariness, they are sought as they are still highly more valuable than one might initially realize upon their discovery.

Pebbles are like people. As such, throughout our lives, it helps to recognize that however we are feeling about ourselves or others we are really all unpolished gems.

Life chips away. Each lesson removes the unnecessary layers to reveal our value held in disguise, waiting patiently to have us recognize our inherent worth. When we realize that we are gems it becomes easier to be truer to ourselves and our values. Suddenly we are more able to unveil our shine… glowing bright like a diamond. It is with the realization of our worth that we begin to radiate light towards the World around us, that in turn allows others to shine. Just like no two gemstones will ever be polished the same, it is our responsibility to shine like the human gems we are. So shine on, Crazy Diamonds!

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