I think sometimes we all do things that make life way more complicated than it is. For example, let’s say I have a fight with a friend. If I am sitting around wondering who will call and apologize first? I’m wasting my limited time on Earth.  I’m probably stuck in stubbornness. It’s likely I’m holding on to being right instead of focusing on the importance of maintaining the friendship. If it’s bothering me and taking up even a second of my time, my answer is that I need to pick up the phone.

I would make this call not to make things perfect. Not to demand answers that I may never get from another, either. And certainly I don’t make the call to maybe add to the original problem.  

I make the call to simply say: “I’m sorry we had a fight.” No matter what the other says, no matter whether or not they accept my apology, I opened the door. This helps me to feel personally complete again, knowing that I took the first step towards healing. I then am able to shift my focus away from the lingering issue, to relieve tension, to clear the air, to move on, and to get back to my sense of peace — because — peace is power.  And I like my peace and within peace I find my power.  

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