Here’s a story about how Life gives us PAY ATTENTION! Reminders…so pay attention!

The other morning as I was getting ready, I stopped to take a selfie. I have no idea why I got that urge as I rarely do this because I far prefer using photographers for photos but for whatever reason I did it anyway. Then, I put my phone down and started putting on a bit of make up as I was running out to a few meetings. 

As I was about to head out the door, I noticed an odd tightening sensation around my eyes. HINT: Here’s why this story is about paying attention!

You see, I have two products that I really like for entirely different reasons, yet they are basically packaged identically other than their caps: One of them is L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Radiant Concealer, which I use to brighten around my eyes. It is super creamy and glides over under-eye wrinkles. The other is Almay’s Clear Complexion Concealer Maximum Strength Salicylic Acid which I use if I notice the signs of any blemish or larger pores — which often happens if I was on set shooting photos the prior day.Clearly? Nobody wants to mix these up! But I have a feeling you know where this story is heading because I DID mix them up! And, I knew it instantly!

I share this to show…1) I’m as vain as all the others who take selfies 2) I’m as easily distracted as the rest of the human race that is rushing instead of staying focused in the moment 3) No major harm was done but I had to wash off all my make up. 4) I now have a story to tell and 5) Did I mention that staying in the moment might prevent a lot of total restarts and accidents?

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