Paula Geyer Odell celebrates 69 years in March and lives life with passion and commitment.  She spent her early years as a Victim Witness Advocate and understands how a ray of light in a life can transform despair into hope and hope into joy.  Paula starts each day with purpose and inspiration as she shines this light in the many facets of her life as professional artist, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  Her unbridled creativity continually breaks traditional paradigms producing unique creations for her clients, family and friends.

Her talents and disciplines are as varied as the colors gracing her painting smocks and her canvases include traditional oils ~ pottery bowls, vases and pitchers ~ porcelain sinks ~ murals of tile and full scale murals that adorn the walls and ceilings of her patron’s homes.  Her diverseness of technique include Palette knife ~ brushes & feathers ~ one haired sable brushes and magnifying glass for the intricate china and tile.  But most importantly, her passion and joy colors the hearts and lives of those around her leaving an indelible mark that brings an instant smile.  Her constant laughter is her trademark and inspires both friends and friends to be as she purposefully chooses joy each and every day.

Paula and her husband live with their two standard poodles in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley and enjoy hiking and picnics in the Cascade Mountains and quite evenings on the shores of Alpine Lakes.  Poppy House Studio is tucked-in beside a row of willow trees that line their property, which overlooks their pasture, and little stone cottage with beautifully tended gardens and koi ponds.

Paula loves exploring and visiting new places and renews her creative self while gaining inspiration through international travel.

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