I met the lovely and beautiful Pat Tracey at one of my first commercial shoots and we became fast friends. @Pat.Tracey generously offered to help me relax and coached me through the photography session. An established model with a decades-long career, Pat is also a photographer, traveler, writer, lover of life and admirer of all things beautiful whether a mighty forest or single blade of grass. Pat says: “Never stop seeking the silver lining….Compassion is always in fashion!” Represented by @Wilhelminamodels for print; CESD talent for film and TV. Pat is an ultimate Face of Silver Disobedience™

With a focused ‘eye’ for beauty and talent, Silver Disobedient™ Pat Tracey applies her unique perspective borne of her fashion experience, love of people and far flung places.

Additionally, Pat gives back. She works with young girls, shooting them in front of her camera to help them gain confidence and a stronger sense of value and self-presence. She shares tips of dressing, posture, speaking, posing, standing, walking and more.