Years ago, after adjusting nicely to NYC public transportation, I moved to California for a few months. First time with a CA friend in a car, he said: “Start saying, ‘Parking Spaces are plentiful for me.’” My first reaction was: Welcome to nutty CA!  But in moments we had a spot!  ✨ I began reflecting on times I drove around thinking: “I’m not finding a space today…” and sure enough I didn’t. ✨ Later that day, over chai tea we discussed visualizing what we want by putting our desire into thought-form first. Is it merely coincidental that we might think about something and get it? Certainly in some cases. For example, nobody asks to be sick —but we do; and, many of us ask to be rich—yet that doesn’t instantly happen either. ✨ But let’s look at the science behind thinking about what we want. Our minds are the most amazing hard drive imaginable. There are billions of neural connections happening constantly. Each time you think or see something your brain stores the event with sound, odor, feeling & other senses — all without our awareness. 

Because of this, it is helpful to drop a positive “anchor” in our minds when we want something.  For example, saying something like: “I will be on time tomorrow” instead of:  “I will not be late.“ Or, as to the start of this story: “There is a parking spot for me.” Believe me this works. Nine out of ten times I get the parking space. When I don’t, it’s usually because I didn’t think of needing that space at all because I do enjoy walking more. 

Positive thinking is like exercising. The more you repeat instructive affirmations, the better your results. When negative thoughts or emotions come into your mind. Say: “Next” to each and turn your channel to focus on what you want. Think in terms of possibilities not in problems. 

I look forward to hearing all about your successes!

I’m @DianGriesel aka a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook & TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition; and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience  More info on my websites (search my name) and at Wilhelmina Models. Silver Disobedience® is a Registered Trademark.