Have you ever returned from a trip and realized that you never wore or used a variety of the items you were sure you’d need? We all pack differently for our travels. Some of us would comfortably head out on a world tour with a backpack. Others would need two humongous hockey bags and maybe even a trunk.  

The reason I propose this idea is that it’s helpful to question whether some of the mental luggage that we may still be lugging around today in our psyches is really necessary to keep carrying. Often we forget to put down unnecessary emotional package and we bring it with us into the new day, even though we likely won’t need it. Sometimes, maybe, we even add to our loads: Picking up more baggage in the form of other’s moods, as well, when in fact, their moods might not be our load to carry.  

Moment by moment, we have to assess if our load can be lightened. Life, if we’re lucky, is a long haul that requires all kinds of energy. There may be some items we need to drop off, deposit, store, give away or chuck altogether so we can get better fortified with greater stamina for the remainder of our trip. 

Just a thought to consider as you head out to greet your day.

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