Chrome sparkles and captures attention. It’s a distinctive material that draws our eyes—like when we see it glistening on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Chrome reminds us of sleekness, speed and power. Google liked the word “chrome” so much it used it as the name for its browser.

Chromium, which became known as “chrome,” derives from the Greek word “chroma” or “color.” It was thus named due to the colorful nature of the chromium compounds and the popularity of their pigments, which are found in yellow, red, orange, green, purple and black. Chromium is a hard, corrosion-resistant transition metal. It can withstand tarnishing and has a very high boiling point. Its steely, blue-gray, lustrous tone can be highly polished, and so it is used as a very identifiable decorative trim for cars, motorcycles and industrial tools.

What if we began referring to our random gray hairs as they popped up as captivating chrome highlights? Can you imagine? Not that we’d have to stop or start coloring them—but regardless that we would see our chromie strands in terms of sparkle, light, power, speed, energy: Wow! That would give the idea of going gray a whole new meaning!

Today, whether we’re showing off our “chromies” or not, let’s start owning the implied energy, strength and beauty of our chrome!

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