Pride is the pleasurable feeling of satisfaction derived from owning our achievements, qualities or skills (note no mention of “things.”) Pride shouldn’t be confused with conceit, egotism or vanity. Pride is earned. It develops from doing things right. Society often frowns on those expressing pride in their achievements. This is sad. If someone has put in effort to accomplish something, whatever that is, why should they not feel proud of their accomplishments? If we feel jealous, annoyed, irritated by observing another’s pride from their work or achievements, perhaps we need to think about what we might need to do to feel proud ourselves. Feeling irked really turns the mirror on ourselves & what we were not willing to try, risk, do, restrict or attempt. For example, when observing someone who’s really gotten themselves into great physical shape, there’s a tendency to rationalize: “It’s easy for them.” This is rarely true. Rather, being in shape is a choice. Those with the toned shapely physiques —at any age, but even more so as we pass 30+ — are exercising, making healthy food choices & skipping a lot of foods that they love as much as we do. When I go to a casting & see another model do a one-hand handstand like the amazing @amandasalvato — I don’t say, “Oh well, she’s younger than me!” Rather, I say, “Can you imagine the hours of training it took to achieve such a goal…and all the ice-cream & french fries she skipped?” I feel the same when I watch @henriklundqvist30 of the @NHL @nyrangers make another remarkable save & he’ll be 36 this year! But the awe extends to all forms of excellence: Like parents & teachers who have patience. Skilled laborers with technical skills. Musicians practicing endless hours alone. Mathematicians & scientists developing formulas & therapeutics. Nurses, doctors, firemen, policemen & other caregivers helping others. Artists & writers who’ve inspired our imaginations. Electricians who get us lit-up again after a storm destroys infrastructure. The list goes on… Each of us has invested time & effort in accomplishing something. So I ask: What are you personally proud of having achieved? Please allow yourself to share it…with pride.

PS: No. I’m not the artist of this street art…

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