Expressing our individuality—our unique character, characteristics, or the aggregate of qualities that distinguish each of us from another—is a wonderful freedom. We are all very “exclusive editions.” A work of art can be declared perfect while filled with what some might deem imperfections. Critics accept these distinctions, and value increases. Knowing this, when discussing imperfections, if we are all one-of-a-kind with no two of us the same, can imperfection really exist? How can a one-and-only be imperfect? It can’t. There can be no comparison to something singular. Every living being is a “one of a kind,” therefore it must be perfect as it exists: Each beautiful in our own right and way. Great peace comes with embracing our special individual traits, and accepting what we are not. Being bold enough to share our exclusive-edition-selves with the world, at any and every stage of life, makes living a lot more fun!

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We’ve got a great discussion going here for those over fifty; (over 50), the elderly according to society; seniors to some; just plain over 50 years old; fifty plus …or anyone alive and rocking life who simply wants to come to this party!

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