Many of us suffer from an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. It looks like this: We apologize for pretty much anything and everything — even other’s actions. We feel responsible for not just our own actions and responsibilities, but those of others as well. We’re convinced that if someone is unhappy, somehow we must have done something…or not done something…either way, we’re not sure, but somehow think it was our responsibility. We need to keep things organized — not just for ourselves, but everyone else, too.  We’re often defensive, why, we’re not sure. 

Being responsible is honorable. People like responsible people. Responsible people show others that they care about them. Responsible people get the job done — so they’re usually in high demand in both their personal and professional lives — and often within their communities. 

Being overly responsible however leads to chronic stress. It can cause serious issues like depression, anxiety and cognitive disorders and also heart disease, all sorts of inflammatory diseases plus trigger type 2 diabetes.

While feeling responsible makes us feel strong and powerful — the fact is, we’re not all that strong and powerful. We are humans.  That means all of us need to set boundaries and priorities or something will start to falter. We have to understand our limitations and not allow ourselves to succumb to guilt, exaggerated beliefs that we’re the only one who can do whatever needs to be done, playing the victim, flattery or whatever else triggers our need to do it all.  

Over responsibility is rooted in a sense that we need to be more than ourselves.  Each of us is good enough.

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