My new book, Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Empower Your Inner Superhero may change the lives of the tens of millions of people suffering from doubt about their skills, talents or accomplishments…assuming they read it!  If you experience a persistent fear that you are not really who others believe you are; if your inner imposter is preventing you from enjoying feelings of success and worthiness; if you believe that all your success is just luck; and, that others are waiting to tell the world that you’re nothing but an imposter? Read this book. It’s available on Amazon for $6.95 ✨

With a relatable, non-judgemental style, I, @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience to my millions of blog readers, try to creatively break down universal feelings of self-doubt. My goal is to guide each reader through practical steps while making a strong case for how owning the power of our inner imposters may actually be the next best move we can make for greater success in every area of our lives. ✨

On a mission to help everyone live and love agelessly, through The Silver Disobedience® Life Enhancement Mini-Playbook Series, as a perception analyst, author and creative I am expanding on my daily blog topics to help readers delve a little more deeply into self-exploration-worthy ideas.  As you may know, I am a firm believer that through greater understanding of all the ways that we are each unique yet also quite similar – we can collectively begin to embrace and cheer not only ourselves but others as well, setting the stage and challenge for us all to live our best lives at every age. ✨

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