Many of you have noticed I’m what one might call “an Outfit Repeater,” which would be a keen observation. I view my wardrobe as “a collection.” As such, I have my favorite things that I have carefully gathered over the years and that I still love to wear.  To be convinced that I should consider buying a new article of clothing, two things must be in place: 

First: It’s got to be uniquely styled with an “edge” yet still be timeless. I need to feel confident that the piece will still look cool and relevant years from now.

Second: The fabric must be exceptional so it can last through many washings or possibly dry cleanings — otherwise this would conflict with my first point — that I want it to last! 

A few years ago, I acquired a variety of pieces from @Ruti  I still have each in my closet and you’ve seen many Ruti pieces my content over the past several years.  Now, I’m excited to say, I’ve collaborated with Ruti and acquired a few more pieces to add to my collection. 

Today, over the next few days and surely through the year, I’ll be sharing  photos and videos of some of my new Ruti favorites.  Here’s a link for you to check out our collaboration selects.   You may want to grab a few for yourself before they sell out! #ILoveRuti #RutiSpotted