Anything and everything that happens can be perceived, interpreted, experienced in a million ways. Scratch that.  Make it 7.8+ billion ways to the billionth exponent! That’s right. Each of us perceives, interprets and experiences life in all of its manifestations, differently.  

So here’s the B I G thing:  What happens is important. BUT it is absolutely NOT as important as how we react to what happens.  

What is, is. 

Our sense of peaceful happiness lies not necessarily in getting what we want (although that might be nice!) It also is not actually tied to eliminating what we don’t want (although that might be nice, too!) It is found in owning the thoughts that create “our state of mind” (Definitely nice!).  So, make sure you choose “a state” that you want to live in and know that like it or not, the main person standing between our “self” and our personal peace…is ourself.

The Truth Bomb?  I dislike this reality immensely some days. But the thing I dislike even more is abdicating the control of my thoughts and thinking to anyone else.

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