Ordinary: Plain; undistinguished; of no special quality; common; average..

Extraordinary: Beyond what is usual; strange; exceptional; noteworthy; phenomenal; amazing; curious; fantastic; marvelous; odd; outstanding; particular; rare; singular; special; surprising; terrific.

Want to know what the biggest difference is in who we are at this stage of our lives versus years ago? It’s the little “extra” (also known as experience) that we developed year after year by overcoming, managing, moving on, learning and growing stronger from the endless challenges presented by people and situations. Through this thing called life, something intangible and priceless developed: Experience. Each year our countless experiences keep adding up, helping to make us uniquely extra-ordinary.

Tell me all about the “extra” you’ve accrued over the years!  I would really love to hear something about what you’ve learned, what you’ve overcome, how you’ve grown and why you’re a better, more experienced person today than ever before!

Please post whatever you want to share about your extra-ordinary self!

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