If we think of ourselves as spirits in human bodies our perspectives on life shifts. Acknowledging our spiritual being moves our attention to the who we are vs. the what we have. 

Youthful traits include the ability to generously allow our spirit to soar without restrictions as we also revel in our sense of marvel. This past weekend I spent lots of time with my niece and 4 nephews ranging from 15 months to 10 years of age. They are each lessons on being in the moment: Exploring life around them with curiosity and intensity. I watched my 15 month old nephew open and close a metal handle on a wooden chest for 10 minutes. He was pure — engaging his sense of touch, sight and sound with that squeeky handle. At another point, I watched how the 3, 5 and 8 year olds were studying the rocks they found. Absorbed in the textures, colors, weight, tones and reflections of light. 

As humans be-ing, our priorities shift understandably so. Our oneness and fascination with the world around us changes as we have responsibilities to provide for ourselves and others. We shift from one-with-all to a state of one-versus-the-World.

Still miracles of nature surround us, existing constantly with an ability to awaken our spirits. From the complexities of our bodies that house our spirits during our time here on Earth, to all aspects of everything within nature, and dare I say to all other people as well. 

It’s easy for life to seem very dark when we lose our sense of light that comes from the connection of our spirit with the basics of our surroundings. It is imperative to reawaken our sense of wonder if it has gone dormant. Allow yourself to marvel at the simplicity and even the  complexity of your world. Today find something in your surroundings to focus on. Go play!

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