Older doesn’t equal wiser. It may not even mean we are more mature. I once read that we can be young only once, but immature forever. ✨

Wisdom can start to develop at any age. It is flexible in nature: growing…maybe ceasing at times…and restarting again. In a way, it’s like our reward for surfing the waves of life and deciding that whatever happens — good times, bad times and downright ugly times — we always have the opportunity to learn and grow. It’s about noticing, processing, internalizing, analyzing and moving forward — instead of opting to bang our heads on the same drum over and over again. ✨

As discussed in yesterday’s posts, wisdom is more about assessing our perceptions along with our motivations: Inward vs. external inclinations guiding us. Knowing that accolades are always wonderful, yet that sense of peace and personal acknowledgement of our own effort and commitment is enough. Accepting that our choices may not all get a high-five from others, yet we proceed boldly and with growing clarity that we are on the right path, ready to grow and advance through our choices and actions. ✨

While fuzz adds the perfect addition to a great #rock song, wisdom is as if the fuzziness in our thinking begins to clear and we start to see life — whether it is people, situations or things — just a bit more transparently and with recognition and acceptance for how they are in that moment vs. how we might want them to be. ✨

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