Polish synonyms include: shine, brightness, a cultivated look, a fine performance, brilliance, finish, glinting, luster, smooth, sparking. Verbs related to being polished are: aligned, balanced, connected, fine-tuned, fit, focused, improved, sharpened, tuned up, calibrated. As a noun, polish can also mean allure, artistry, attraction, charm, class, elegance, fascination, grace, handsomeness, loveliness, refinement and style. If we want to add more action to the verb as in ‘polished’…this is also interchangeable with: to enliven, gleam, illuminate, intensify, kindle, lighten up, punch up and spiff up.

At this stage of our lives…based on the over 100,000 detailed comments to my blogs, from more than 175,000 followers collectively between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & the SilverDisobedience.Rocks website— I can unequivocally declare that we ALL fit ALL of the above synonyms and MORE! As a polished group of Silver Disobedients, we can also be correctly defined as: acculturated, advanced, civil, developed, educated, enlightened, illuminated and filled with social well being.

I wouldn’t have tied all this wonderful stuff together unless I was trying to write an “Ode to Polish” to match this photo I wanted to share! Thanks go to each of the following (and all those I don’t have room to list) for including #me in this recent Mother’s Day campaign: @sally_hansen @cotyinc #casting @barbarafister #team @anomaly #advertising @eduhwud #artdirector @wilhelmina #models Ginni Conquest @gindoll1 Jen Tourigny @touriggy Beatrice Walker @beatricekiddo Stephanie Clarke @stephaniemarie924 Kristian Loren @kristianloren Helen Shuli @Women.newyork @aperturetalent @amandasalvato @DianGriesel is @SilverDisobedience #SilverDisobedience