I walked away from a plane crash, 41 years ago today. 

I always celebrate this date. It was my first crash, but it wasn’t my last. I had two subsequent crashes. Some of us need repeated smacks in the head to “get with it.”  Still, of the 3, the only date I remember is October 10th, 1981. I was in a 172 Cessna and crashed before 10am, with the pilot, who I hardly knew, in a grass airfield near Westhampton Air Force Base.  

I recall the next day vividly, as well. I had to work. A co-worker was really upset about something and worried that I’d be upset too. I remember laughing because my perspective regarding “problems” had taken on a whole new meaning that day. I was alive and felt quite lucky to be enjoying the aggravation. 

Plane Crash #1

While I wish I could say that from my 20th year of life forward that feeling of appreciation and perspective seamlessly lasted — It didn’t.  I went through angst in my twenties and thirties like many of you. I struggled to “find myself” for lack of a better cliche. 

Now, I’m at today. I’ve genuinely grown to appreciate each new dawn. I embrace every experience — even those I’d have preferred to have missed. Each becomes a collective, making us who we are. I truly believe that if we are alive, we can quite probably handle whatever is coming our way. 

Let’s all celebrate our experience, stamina and growth together! We are alive and that’s a really good thing!

PS:  This photo with this yellow plane is from my 3rd crash in a Piper Cub, 1987. The news article is from my first —which was the first time my name was in a newspaper…and they spelled both of our names incorrectly!

PSS: Yes, I still fly. I think I’m a lucky charm!

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