One day while walking with a friend, he bumped into someone accidentally, but noticeabIy. He didn’t make any attempt to apologize. Instead, he marched ahead and never looked back. I was startled—but he was equally startled when I asked, “Why didn’t you apologize?”  His wholly sincere response to me was: “Why? I already bothered them once by bumping into them. Do you think they want me annoying them twice?”

While the answer boggled my mind — it was a great example of how we each hold different perspectives on situations that could have developed from any number of socialization and cultural factors.

It helps to keep this in mind IF you are one of those who believes the world is out to get you. It’s not. Let it go. Because if you want greater health, it helps to really understand that those who go in through the out door; the driver who cut you off; the person who bumped into you; that gal who didn’t hold the door while you were trying to enter; that chatterbox who is shouting on their cell phone while you’re on the bus or train trying to chill out before arriving at your stop; the guy who seems to take forever to pull his money out to pay at the grocery store…All of them — individually or together— are not out to get you. Those seemingly oblivious strangers are not trying to hurt our feelings, annoy us, be rude, hold up the line or anything else that annoys or upsets us. Rather, it’s far more likely they’re oblivious to their actions and the impact it has had on us. 

Remembering this helps us get on with living.  And you know what? Life’s too short to spend it lingering for even a second in the oblivion of the random actions of others. 

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