The latest exciting wellness technology for homes, offices, and cars is the nUVo™ Traveler, a UVC air disinfector device designed by Energy Focus, a 35-year-old, US-based advanced lighting manufacturer. 💜 #SP. 💜 

The nUVo™ Traveler is a portable air disinfection device that uses enclosed high-power ultraviolet light (UVC) designed to destroy 99.9%+ of airborne pathogens. An easy-to-carry personal, UVC air disinfector that fits into cupholders or backpacks, nUVo™ Traveler can be used at home and moved from room to room to create comfort zones or placed in offices or conference rooms to bring greater comfort for all. Sleekly designed, 🚫 no filter changes are needed — which saves owners the hassles of costly and frequent filter changes associated with traditional air purifiers.

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