About a year ago, an up and coming photographer Richard Kissi reached out to me. He wanted to add “diversity” to his portfolio. I asked him exactly what he meant by that, because prior to our conversation, I never used the word “diverse” to describe me. He said he’d researched me and wanted to feature an older working woman, who was also a mother. He thought that showing a “day in the life” that also reflected my new modeling career with @Wilhelmina as an Icon model, could make a fun little video. (See the video posted at Instagram @SilverDisobedience  and at http://www.Facebook.com/SilverDisobedience )

As of 2019, 50% of the population in the United States is over age 50: Those between ages 51 to 69 have hit 74 million strong. The number of Americans 65+ is projected to double over the next three decades. The Silver Disobedience crowd might be grandparents, parents of young children…or both. We represent every phase of the Circle of Life. Those 50+ make up 42% of after-tax income, approximately $2.4 trillion. 10,000 of us reach retirement age every day. Yet, most of us plan to work past age 65. 45% of us consider ourselves to be entrepreneurs. Oh– did I forget to mention that 50% of us are women who still work full time? We’re an equal opportunity group. Please tell me your work plans: Are you retired, working, planning some new venture? I’d love to hear about it.

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Dian Griesel is a the Founder and Chief Influencer at Silver Disobedience® She’s author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook and an Icon Model at Wilhelmina Models and Aperture Talent

She is an active blogger on all aspects of life and the wonders of age and aging.

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