This is my 2nd grade Report Card. If you look closely, you’ll see that it was determined that I was “Not Satisfactory” in “Assuming Responsibility” for my conduct.  If I showed you my Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th, 5th and 6th — you’d see I chalked up the same impression on the Elders in Charge for those years as well. They stopped grading this way by Middle School so I can’t “Officially” confirm the trend…but I can guess!  More so, I was also equally “NS” in my ability to “Accept Criticism”! 

I’m sharing this because it provides a slight glimpse into my amusement (in a good way) when people say to me: I wish I met you 30 years ago.  

The fact is: I wish I met 61 year old me 30 years ago, too!  But clearly — we don’t get this option.

Now I’m not complaining about who I was, but I can assure you that over the past 55 years since entering kindergarten and receiving this and other comparable assessments from others in education, personal and work situations…I’ve grown up a lot. And, I hope to keep growing, learning and getting up when I inevitably stumble —which given my track record — is sure to happen physically, mentally and emotionally plenty more times.  

But really, it’s all good. I’m OK with however Life has and will unfold since I’m a realist enough to accept that “do-over’s” are rarely possible.  I hope with all my heart that each of you can say this for yourselves as well…or that you’re at least starting to get comfortable with the idea of your OK-ness. 💖

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