Learning to laugh at yourself makes succeeding easier.  ✨

I mean it.  The more I find I’m amusing myself — often in ways that I once could not fathom — the more success I seem to be finding in every area of my life.  ✨

I have no doubt I may sometimes leave some people scratching their heads — but I also know I’m likely only a passing thought to them before they get back to focusing on themselves. ✨

The freedom in this realization is tremendous.  ✨

How I see it is this: As long as I’m not hurting anyone and though it might seem crazy (but fun!) it’s worth a try.  ✨

Why is it worth trying? Because one of two things will happen:  A) I will find greater success

Or B) I’ll have a story to tell if I can stop laughing about how the situation unfolded.  ✨

Either way? It’s all good! ✨

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