Unless a moment is momentous — I didn’t know if we ever fully understand how a single event creates an impact or holds importance in our lives.  ✨

This said, the collective of all the not so momentous moments can really add up.  Each and every conversation contributed to our thoughts and ideas. Likewise, work over the years, families, friends, trips, and everyday stuff like car breakdowns, home repairs, and even the lesson of learning to separate blue jeans from white t-shirts in the laundry all add up to form our psychic awareness towards daily life, people and situations.  ✨

Life is a process.  While it’s said change is a given…so is growth.  Daily we are growing in subtle ways.  Often we don’t even realize it until we stop, look back, or have a conversation with a teenager who sees the world through entirely different perspectives. ✨

Also, we see it all so much more clearly when we notice it’s been our efforts that made all the difference.  That commitment we make to confront the day not knowing what will come of it, but trusting that no matter what we can handle it.   Knowing that with our choice to focus and commit our energies on effort, we will come out just fine.  ✨

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