Nothing worthwhile can be learned in 10 Easy Lessons. While such a concept might help sell all sorts of self help books — let’s bust this fallacy wide open.

Learning anything to the point that it is truly internalized so that it becomes innate to us requires repetition and practice. While reading books, attending classes, and listening to podcasts are important to the learning process — at some point we must choose to practice what we’ve been studying. Practice is a day in and day out, over and over again exercise. 

I’ve yet to meet the person, who truly seems to be at the peak of their profession and/or passion that declares: I’ve arrived. Rather, the recurring theme is consistently that they’re still practicing. It’s the ripple effect of practice that creates excellence.

Why it is so important to internalize and understand this is because it makes us kinder towards ourselves and others. When we realize it takes a lot of time, energy and practice to accomplish anything— we can be more gentle as we stumble, realizing that whatever is really important to learn requires the lessons followed by a lifetime of practice. 

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