Remember All in the Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Good Times and One Day at a Time? All of those hit sitcoms of the 1970s were the brainchildren of one remarkable man: Norman Lear. Now 95 years oldā€”and a recipient of the 2017 Kennedy Center Honorsā€”you might think he would be taking some time off.

Not a chance. As ShowBiz411 recently reported, Lear never stops. He already has a hit Latino version of One Day at a Time on Netflix. And in December 2017, a casting call went out for his new TV series developed by NBC and Sony: Guess Whoā€™s Dead, a comedy set in a Palm Springs nursing home with frisky post-Golden Girls types (along with young people) as regulars.

Gotta hand it to Norman: heā€™s earned what ShowBiz411 called him: ā€œSome kind of living miracle.ā€ Heā€™s also the embodiment of Silver Disobedience. As long as the creative juices keep flowingā€”and theyā€™re certainly flowing in Learā€”he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in American culture.

Everyone inspired by the Silver Disobedience credo can look to Norman Lear as an example of how life can continue to improve afterā€”and sometime long afterā€”age 60!